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Central Government Jobs for Graduates

Central Government Jobs for Graduates in India | Latest Govt. Jobs.

Government Employment for Indian students is a big dream in India. Thats Why we are providing you complete information about Central Government Jobs for Graduates.

In reality, every 2nd person I speak on a daily basis is either preparing for government jobs or gathering information to determine which are India’s Top Government Exams he/she will be preparing for.

I’ve been there and invested hours in deciding what form, what job, what salary and for what comfort, I’m going to lead my life in government work.

So I’ve sorted this list for you so you can avoid the pain of research to find a best-suited government job for you and instead start serious preparation for the upcoming examination.

Here are the Top 10 Best Central Government Jobs for Graduates based on salary, credibility and other advantages for Graduates in India:

No. 10 PSU Posts

Jobs are a very good option in public sector units such as BHEL, ONGC, Coal India, IOCL, HPCL etc.

The public sector units offer many benefits to their employees. They pay very well and the pressure at work isn’t very stressful but it can be managed.

PSUs recruit new employers on a large scale every year through various competitive exams. Very good Jobs are available for all candidates with varied eligibility criteria.

The best thing about being a part of  PSU is you get to work in fixed duty hours and the workplace offers security.

No. 09 Banking PO

Bank jobs are one of the country’s most rewarding jobs. The work pressure is good but the wages are well proportioned to the benefits. State Bank of India,

Reserve Bank of India, PSU Banks (Bank of Baroda, Bank of India etc.), Regional & Rural Banks (RRBs) etc. The basic requirements for eligibility are a university degree only.

Hence, graduates across the country make it one of the most preferred options.

Did you know that even a 12th pass, female candidates can apply for Low Division Clerk position in government banks as well?

Bank jobs fit in easily. They provide a comfortable place to work. All in all, this is a good choice for people willing to work in a demanding work-balance environment.

No. 08 Scientist

The scientists are the country’s roots in evolution. They are the revolutionists who bring in change for the good and for the betterment of the people and the entire world.

DRDO, ISRO are just a few of the prestigious institutions run by Government Scientists. A government scientist’s salary is equivalent and occasionally better than the private ones. 

Some of the benefits associated with the job are the benefits such as individual houses in which they are accommodated, medical insurance. Work pressure is low and the work is demanding too. But the benefits are worth it all.

No. 07 Defence services – Army, Marine, Coast Guard

The best choice is to join the National Defense Academy if you are looking for a well-paid and valuable career.

This job gives a candidate the opportunity to enter the Indian Army, Navy, and such institutions of defence. Strong salary, official residence, medical services are just some of the benefits that this job provides.

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, discipline and accountability come naturally into the defence services. You learn to make your life more organized.

No. 06 Civil Administration

If you want to be part of the Indian administration’s steel frame and dream of having a higher say in all the Indian government’s major decisions, then the best opportunity for you is civil services.

Civil services are the Indian government’s highest dwelling place. The respect and prestige that comes with services such as IAS, IPS, IFS is incomparable to anything in the private sector.

No. 05 Indian or IAS Administrative Services

The primary job of an IAS officer is to run the country in the best possible way. But having said that doesn’t encourage the position any more.

The pressure at work is very high and demanding, too. Implementation of policies and administrative duties is a routine task for an IAS officer. They get well paid for their service. With the pay commission going to review the pay scale in 2016, an IAS officer’s average salary is going to be very small.

The perks of individual homes, an official car and so on are quite luring.

If you want to start UPSC Prepration you can visit :

No. 04 Indian Financial Companies or IFS Executives

By becoming an IFS officer you get your country’s brand ambassador.

Not only does this bring you recognition but it also helps you to respect and love the country.

IFS officers in foreign countries are the face of the Indian Government. In other words, they ‘re the nation’s brand ambassadors.

The job includes heavy travel and diplomatic meetings with delegates from outside the country. The pay is beautiful, and the benefits are also very high.

No. 03 Indian Police Officers or IPS

Similar to IAS officers, IPS officers are selected through UPSC Exams.

They represent both the state and the central government. Its primary duty is to ensure that people are safe under their jurisdiction. So basically,

They are the nation’s real-time heroes & uphold the country’s law and order and are highly regarded also get well paid and the benefits are equal to an IAS officer too.

No. 02 State Commission for Public Works

The State Public Service Commission conducts PSC exams and recruits candidates for various government positions in the State. Advises on recruitment methods for various State civil services.

In addition to nominating the candidates, it also sets rules for granting promotions, transferring candidates from one service to another, and fostering higher levels.

The jobs that state public service commissions offer are nearly identical to a civil servant’s. Much local government employment in India like MRO, Tahsildar, RTO is well paying and come with additional benefits like official residence, medical facilities and so on.

No. 01 Indian Railway Officials

India has many graduates with a degree in Engineering. If you’re an engineer then the best career option is to become a railway engineer. Railways have the highest number of government employments for engineers, particularly in India.

Railway engineers enjoy luxury homes and various other advantages provided by the Indian government. Indian Railway recruits non-technical graduates, as well. The demand for jobs and job pressure is also manageable.

Conclusion: There is the best Central Government Jobs for Graduates can apply from their home. There are a lot of vacancies out there in each sector you can visit their official website for applying any of that.

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